No Contract, No Term, Pay As You Go Or Monthly, Or Just Use Your Phone On Your Present Contract
Services Include – Cell Phone Sales And Carrier Unlocking To Use With Any Provider You Wish To Use
Retailer & Wholesaler, We Sell Locally & All Across Canada & USA, We Offer Free Delivery In Brantford

Open From ( 8 Am To 10 Pm EST ) 7 Days A Week You Can Use Our Contact Section To Email Us
If You Live In Canada Call Us At – (519) 900 1360 Or If You Live In USA Call Us At – (716) 304 9300

Online retailing is the way of the future, Expensive storefronts is a way for the retailer to get more $$$
Employees upsell customers their job lock you into terms giving you the phone at a reduced rate
Even at no cost for phones that have very little value Store-fronts earn large kickback’s from provider
Store-front selling actually has no benefit for the consumer they end up with the exact same product
Unrealistically inflated product prices, The worst part is consumer is now tied up in a new contract term

Actual Store-front selling just simply exist only as a means to extract more $$$ from our consumer

* Consumer Beware Warning From The Cell Guy *

Be careful purchasing phones, Some look like a real bargain You are just asking to get scammed
Lost Or Stolen & Hidden Flaws, Hidden Operating issues, And many blocked serial numbers
Due to non-payment of accounts, These phones are then sold to the unsuspecting general public

!! Our Phones Are Guaranteed Free & Clear !! – And They Come With No Issues